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Coming back in Jan 20. See ya bitches.


RELEASED DATE: Jan 5, 2021 // 3:18 PM EST

Pick your poison

This is my hell and this is where I post all my content such as artwork, project and much more. Like my down-right edgy artwork? There more then 40+ Artwork to expore. Bored yet? Project X-treme has all the anime entertainment you ever needed.
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update blog

2021 Plan

2020 has been an hell but it did result of me doing something different outside of my area such as me doing Comic Strip and making an short and compact Zine Article Onward to 2021, just like 2020, I will be doing something really different outside of my drawing and this time, it would be something more interested and more organized for what I want to do instead of throwing around and expect it to work. Hope everything goes well according to the plan.


Last updated: Jan, 2021


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