Explore an hidden Lore that been told by storyteller


REAL NAME: Ceit Dior-bhorgail Rut

Age: 23

Height: 5ft 6in

Blood Type: O-

Brand: MTF Jacket (Newgrounds Angry Faic Excusive), LOSSER Underwear, ZFFO Choker

Weapon: M1911 Pistol

ADDITIONAL INFO: Virgin, Doesn't smoke often (shockly), Anti-Social, never cut her hairs, Short Temper, hate clothes

Born in Scotland, she always a reckless girl that causes nothing but troubles, though rather harmless. This was until when her father was K.I.A in "Decade War" and that Otis devloped Short Temper Issues, starting with her getting kicked out of her school at Senior. At age of 19, she decided to leave Scotland to U.S.A Nevada in her interest to join the Military against the California District. Despite her success at Military, she only serve for 3 years after "Decade War" ended with a Boom on Point Zero, resulting millions of injury including Otis (which is explained by her Arm and Leg covered in Bandages). Fast forward to today, she is serving as freelancer for "cleaning up" someone else messes.


Age: Offically: 22 / Actually: Around Late-40

Height: 5ft 5in

Blood Type: AB

Brand: OCEAN White Button-up / DREAMER Office Skirt / OCEAN Boxer Underwear

Weapon: Doorbuster Shotgun / H&K P30 Pistol

ADDITIONAL INFO: Linux geek, N.E.E.T, Tomboy, cocky. Serveal claims that Kaz managed to conquer all 7 Deadly Sins leader. Cannot age.

Previously, Kaz was unknown from the rest of L.R.C.U.C Members. Many disregard her as some Unemployed Geek that know all about Linux. Little do majority of Nevada know that Kaz has a long ass history, dated way back in 1975 where she was born. Originally located in Western Australia, She was self-employed Bounty Hunter at age of 18 as side-hassle to earn some cash (as there wasn't much in WA beyond criminals). Years later, she was considered to be the most feared Bounty Hunter among many Australian; so fear that she ended up taking challenges against the Government to a Duel. Sadly, she have lost against them and hour later, passed away at age of 22 in 1997. Her legacy has never been forgotten since then.
That was until recently (Beginning in 204x), a hole was created around Western Australia; hole that look like a gateway to hell. Many Demons Rebels have told a story about Kaz and how she managed to owned all 7 Deadly Sins leader; become an Hell Leader herself. That Hell hole alone is proof that she is indeed a Demon stright outta hell. Month ago, they claimed that she is retired as Hell Leader and decided to Resume Bounty Hunter at USA Nevada. She currently aside with Otis, and mostly stay at Otis house which explain her lazyness.
As in what Kaz suppose to be: Many think she is a succubus. Due to her collections of horny materials, its very likely.