Designed by XXXXXXXXXXX back in XXX, XX, 204X, years after the Decade War




Despite the area being in middle of nowhere after the "Decade War", there are literally businesses all over Dead Zone.


"Ocean" is very infamous for making very loose clothing, even to point that many people think it borderline preverted. They're hosted in Neudest Beach. Despite this, they do make some really damn good Bikini, though the only bad thing is that, for adult size, it rather tight (hint why they're controversial). Nuff say, with very high price of $60 for simple t-shirt, it not good to buy one.

Their side-hassle are often selling Boats and buying weapons from other States. They're not under Ocean Brands but at one point, someone was spying on the company and discovered that intel so take that as you will


While they're rare to find, their Leather style are great to get one! While they are famous for leather clothing (*cough* BDSM *cough*), they recently making an Neon clothing, great for people who go in the dark! However, they do make for easy target in middle of nowhere, making it useless. They're cheaper then Ocean and my recommendation: Get the Leather one (the normal one, not the "other" one)

Their side-hassle is that they sell Melee weapons, specifcally the Wimp and Baton. The owner (Unknown) was, at one point, used to operated an Used Weapons Dealer business outside of Nevada. Not much story there


MTF is most common clothing brand at all time, hell even normies wear MTF. These Hot-Topic style jackets are the best if you love your favorties Rock Band or Internet Culture like Newgrounds. It damn shame they haven't made Neocities jackets yet. I do remember some doggo wearing an yellow jacket, which used to be an Angry Faic, exclusive to Newgrounds Store back in 2006, though the Faic appeared to be missing.

No Side-hassle here. However, they do hire people to "Borrow" materials from California such as used clothing and uses those materials to transform into their own.


Named after a Founder, Losser Pia Fidius, her clothing was known for making tights, yet long lasted underwear, mainly for woman, as she was pissed off that most underwears was cheaply made with half-ass effort from major company. Needless to say, they are rather expensive (around $50 per underwear) but they are good for battle or for those who play rough with themselve.

There used to be rumor that she used to work for the Military and turn out to be true. Outside of her clothing business, she also currently operate as Gun Dealer for cheaper prices in Undergrounds of Blue Light City. Not only is she is friends of Otis (during the "Decade War") but This is also how Otis get those weapons from. Losser often make bespoke underwears specifcally for Otis.


After getting kicked out from Japan for gang related, it decided to started their own company by making choker for weird people. We don't know who they were or why they made these, but I heard they earn big money and even Bitcoin! Rumor around that the founder of ZFFO wasn't even human

According to Ex-Bounty Hunter: At one point, they discovered an hidden underground city at Los Tri City. Going deeper, they found a machines that can heal people as well as regenerated new people. All these people also wear ZFFO Chockers as well. They found a Documents about this: If one of member got hurt, they just put themselve in these machines and if one died, they reused their DNA and regenerated new one based on that Data. It is currently under investigate.


Some SMG4 fan freak decided to formed an clothing company based on famous Video game you may heard of with company started with the letter "N". Sadly, you can only get it via Dark Web due to their site using specific domain. Not sketchy at all.

Nothing so far. Just a random geek who try to avoid copyright agents


This business was doomed from the start. First started as selling drug, later on making legal cig when it used to be cool to smoke at the time (they still sell them to this day), though they were having issues making money until the 2030s hit, where people wearing military clothing was getting popular and they was well known for selling Gas Mask. Still though, they always beg people to work for them. I won't get hired by them if I was you.

They hiring people for everything: Selling Weapons, gears, blowing up stuff, etc. Their Payrate is shit though and for every sell their employer make, DEATH MARCH take half of it, including their paycheck. Fucking dicks, shoulda be abolished to begin with.