Designed by XXXXXXXXXXX back in XXX, XX, 204X, years after the Decade War


Eastern Zone of California, near to Arizona Bay

DATE: XXX, XX, 2047


Social Media from 2010s are long gone after Dead Zone is offically owned by people who hated the media and decided to form their own platform. Using old technology from the 90s that group of wastelander discovered while roaming on LA Train Transport, they reformed the old fashioned Internet by bring back the IRC chatroom by using an local network (that is if it still working). This would later formed as 5chan.


The platform that no one shut up about. Started it in late 2030s after couple of people reused 90s technology and formed an local network to chat with nearby people. This network was spreading around, word by word, then would later named as "5Chan" which was named after an 2003 Imageboard site, 4chan. Everyone still uses this to this day.


An another 5chan style network, though only very specific people can join 38chan. Back in Discord days, an artist in distress who goes by AKA-38CAUTION, created 38chan back in 2020 to create an hangout for couple of people he meet around the internet. While he has been gone for so long, certain someone decided to continue 38chan and decided to do so though his local network. The location where they at is unknown.