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welcome to the utimate ultra lite version

This is mainly uses for lightweight/dated device that are either low spec or slow (PSVita for example). There not much to do here but here couple links and walltext here if you bored

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I recently took interest with jailbreaking, consider how easy it is these day. PSVita being one of unique cases and it still have active community of Vita Jailbreaking to this day. Consider it have an better controls (Duel Joystick; an upgrade from single joystick on PSP), it actually one of more superior device to jailbreak; not only can you emuate retro games (N64, GBA, even a damn Basilisk II an Mac OS 8.1, as well as GoldSrc with Xash3D), you can also managed to run games such like GTA III (and SA as well) and also PSP Emulation that treat the entire device as PSP (Adrenaline).

I also did it with PS3 and one of my 12 years old iPod 2nd Gen; There ain't much to do to them since they're bit too old for people to give an damn but an nice time-wasting to do, or hobby even

PSVita Wallpaper

These are already in main site but here the wallpaper I resize it for Vita; 960x450 specifically