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What is SMG4?

SuperMarioGlitchy4 or SMG4 for short, is an Australian teen web animated series created by Luke Lerdwichagul, appearing on the channel of the same name. It is the second adult animated series to be produced in Australia, the first being John Callahan's Quads!, and the first completely produced in its home country. The series is a parody of the Nintendo franchise Super Mario Bros (though it also features some original characters). where Mario, rather than being a hero, is usually kind of an idiot (however despite this, he did do some heroic things in the older episodes and still does it today). It had its first episode on May 7th 2011 with the first episode, the cake is a lie.

~ SMG4 Wiki

This gallery may contain other Glitch show (such like Murder Drone, Meta Runner, etc)