Age: 23

Height: 5ft 6in

Blood Type: O-

Brand: MTF Jacket (Newgrounds Angry Faic Excusive), LOSSER Underwear, ZFFO Choker

Weapon: Modified Pistol and Baseball Bat

Otis, unlike anyone on Dead Zone, has been staying away from the heavy populated city and town since she was 19. This is because after high school, she was known to be reckless and was involved in some activity. With her getting kick out of Los Tri Bay for 6 months with no job, she decided to join the military as it was her only choice. Despite being successful for 3 year, "Decade War" has ended with bang, resulting of thousands killed and millions injured. Otis was lay off and returning back to Nevada and being unemployed. That is, until FBI started an new hidden program and she was first in the line.