>> DOWNLOAD HERE: DelphoxHuman.zip <<

No, we dont have virus, this isnt 2000s anymore, my dude

How to Install 3DS Theme:

Since this isnt part of Theme Plaza (meaning there is no QR Code for this), you will have to manually install this theme. It simple, really

  1. You need a Jailbroken 3DS (In other word: Custom Firmware). If you don't, check 3ds.hacks.guide for more info

  2. Download the Theme (It where you see a giant ass Font that say "Download" with link) (It come with ZIP files. DO NOT UNZIP, IT WILL NOT WORK OTHERWISE)

  3. Uses FTPD (An File Transfer to PC). Uses FileZilla or other program for this on PC (Alternative: Put your SD Card to Computer)

  4. Put the downloaded theme (the ZIP File) to "Theme" Folder in 3DS (If you dont have this folder in your 3DS, Create one)

  5. Make sure you have Anemone 3DS Theme Manager (It's usucally come with it when you Jailbreak 3DS)

  6. Go to Anemone and see if you have "Human Delphox Theme".

  7. If you do, Congrat! You now have this borderline horny theme you weirdo