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Hello, this is my Switch Site where I post Switch related stuff in here.

It mostly be games though but I do post something else when I wanted to. owo

Picture of My Switch, running on SwitchBru DNS Server, testing my website


Since Switch, one of the best selling console Nintendo has ever done (even beating NES on sell point of entire Nintendo console history), don't even have access to Internet at all, Switchbru has the answer for that!

Switchbru uses DNS server so you have to change your internet setting in order to use Switchbru.

To do that:
  1. Go to "System Setting"
  2. Go to "Internet Settings"
  3. Select your wifi
  4. Go to "Change Settings
  5. Change the DNS Settings to "Manual"
  6. Change the Primary DNS to:
  7. Click "Save" and then click "Connect to This Network"
  8. It will give you a Pop-up that say "Registration is Required to use this network". Click "Next" and you now have access to the network!

Please note: I not the owner of SwitchBru, it is "fortheusers" . I not reponsable on what you do on Switchbru Internet. I not big brother, you know.

Also Note: SwitchBru only last for about 30 Minutes or so due to fact that Switch recongized as a Registration (which Internet Registration shouldn't even last long at all) so you might get kick out of the server. Don't worry, you can hop right back in.