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Joking on the reject the modern web (sorta, kinda, maybe not), If you like my work and wanna support, here couple of opition:


(There be more in future as we get more supporter, I swear)

Drawing fanart since 2016, I always been producing some badass yet weird fanart that somewhat managed to get some liking and whatnot and also going fanbase to fanbase (the least fun part but it what I do). However I didn't like the concept of working on some minimum wage job when I can use the drawing skill I currently have and put it good uses. Currently, what we seeing is surge of NSFW artist pouring down artwork with force of paywall to see extra content that not worth some bucks out of your wallets while other artists (with great inspiration and creavity, mind you) are having hard time getting the attention it needed. That the one part I currently in, as we speaking.
So instend, I decided to open up donation with good host known as Ko-Fi. It simple to use, all you have to do is drop $3 (once; you can also drop more coffee as you wish) and that can help the content I making in the long run without any bullshit paywall or use of membership. All mine content is meant to be available for everyone, access by everyone but it won't be that 100% possible without little donation. I not asking too much and it optional (up to you).
Originally, I wanted to run ads on this website to earn extra money so it give me reason to not run membership or any paywall while generating little money. This idea was backfired as ads don't really produce you much at all (Ads-blocker, I mean, it useful) and as in recent, internet privacy is started to become an bigger issues which give me an damn good reason not to run ads.