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What is 38Caution Zone?

It my personal hell. Okay, seriously it my own website where I post all my stuff here. It mainly for artwork but there is also achive and some small project I work on. Bascally, it my portfilo.

Did you code it yourself?

Yes I did and it is god-tier awful, though currently it is way better then before

What 38Caution Zone inspired of?

It was loosely inspired by old Newgrounds layout and some edgy website I explore back in mid-2000s.

What is Project X-treme?

Project X-treme is a baby series that started in 2019. It mainly focus on Anime with different plot. Yeah I know, lame info. I still figuring out the concept of PX.

Is Project X-treme free to read?

We alway want to be keep free for everyone without membership or Third-Party Ads. I don't mind if you download these project and reupload them somewhere but it required to credit me and link this website.

Do you owned all these story?

Anything that is original Work is owned by 38Caution as well as other people who decide to collab with him. Anything that based on Existed work is created by 38Caution BUT Owned by original company (Like Neptunia X: It made by 38Caution and Trak, but Neptunia is owned by Compile Heart/Idea Factory. New Character that is added is owned by 38Caution).

In short, I made Fan made work. I do make the work, but really, the company is the original owner. Although the original work (such like X-Zine and CTF) is owned by 38Caution

What Type will Project X-treme feature?

Depend. Currently, Neptunia X is writing but there maybe other media we may expore such as Machinima and Comic/manga.

What Gerne is Project X-treme?

Mainly parody/original with dystopian theme and kicking ass.

What about Paypal/Ko-fi/Patreon/bitcoin?

We not planning to have any Patreon perk and such that only apply to supporter only. What I mainly care about is, if you enjoy our (totally) mediocre series or give some constructive criticism, that what help me, Project X-treme and this site the most.

Bitcoin is bit different and something I plan to have but I don't have any plan currently

How much?

I planned to have it range from price of Coffee cup ($3) to price of your average Playstation Gift card ($20) but I don't personally care what amount you plan to donate. Hell, maybe $1 could do.

We recommended donating one-time if you just want to donate. We not into greed.

Can I donate anonymous?

Yes you can. However, if you plan to get some perks, you must need to show your username. It defeat the points of anonymous to sponser or advertise their stuff anonymously if they can't recongize who you are.

Why you need my money

Because Fucking capitalism

Why in this 2000s website?

I not digging into 2020s modern website where it nothing but light and dark mode. I kinda like the aesthetic idea of older website where it feel like it have it own personality instend of same Wix or Weeby layout every time I go to some business website (a.k.a WYSIWYG).

Why there Mobile version?

This website is consently updating and with some design that is not fited for mobile user. I don't really have the time to code the mobile version since I still have no idea how it work.