Designed by XXXXXXXXXXX back in XXX, XX, 204X, years after the Decade War


Eastern Zone of California, near to Arizona Bay

DATE: XXX, XX, 2047


Dead Zone is considered to be the Center of Earth and the most chaotic out of all city. In 203X, an division between California District and USA Nevada have both enganged in an fight that many would called it "Decade War" and it wasn't just an war as there were many form such as Highway battle (with heavy modified Cars), Arms races and dangerously, an Nuclear War.

Group of people who are part of Generation F (Nicknamed Gen Failure by 5chan) explained the Decade War as most chaotic one yet. Other stated that it was the beginning of the "Big Brother" era. Causing an Nuclear mistake by California, an hole was made in dead center of Highway 38, consider as "Point Zero", aka The Real Dead Zone, where fight always happen.


Fast forward to 2047, an new city is currently rebuilding known as Blue Light City, an bright and protected city across Nevada while existing city that been around for so long is decaying such like Los Tri Zone and farther to South Side is nothing but Wasteland, destoryed by their rivals. Most Highway blocked the enterence outside Dead Zone and onward to Wasteland, making it hard to escape.