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Neocities is one of the most uniques site building/social media ever since Geocities in 90s (sadly, I didn't grow up in that time). Neocities lets you build your personal site with build-in HTML maker as well as supporting CSS, JS, MIDI, etc (expect PHP, other files is only for supporter ). Neocities also have the best community to hang out with as well as helping other out.

But as time goes on, we seeing about 40% (and slowly growing) fantasic website just go AWOL and never return or very inactive nowsday. That why Leocities exist, to bring the activity again!

This Page is not to offeneded user!

Don't get me wrong, we see lot of creativity website on front page (as well as wired one), but almost most of them haven't updated in months or even an years. It not about the fame or views, but rather the unique of it and we seeing those go to waste.

If you are very active on Neocities, please contact 38caution@protonmail.com and I will hook you up!