Hyperdimension Neptunia X (HDNX) is 2019 Dystopian Action Adventure novel that is based on Japanese RPG: Hyperdimension Neptunia, created by Compile Heart and Idea Factory. It focus on main character: Neptune (an CPU of her nation known as Planeptune) who was invited by Noire to talk about a new contest that is hosted by person named: GENESIS VAN KIACHI, an businessman who is founder of Genesis Company that created this new console under the name: Genesis X.

Later on, Neptune was brought over to Fair Island (Outside of Gamindustri) where she meet her father: FURUI F. FAIRCHILD, a governor of Fair Island/Fairchild District who explained that, this new console can be the end of Hyperdimension. As she goes undercover in vast wasteland to end the madness, she faces some of the deadly forces she didn't expected to fight with.


Fitered with Caution Rating!