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The mission was simple. The problem is: She on the time limit.

Remember the tales of Neptunia adventure? Where CPU Fight to the death over share, Neptune lost her memory, exploring the world of Gamindustri to regain her memory back, make friendship with her rivals and takedown her enemy to save the world? In this "What If" situation, there is more to Neptune then it meet the eyes.


(It be a belief detail to keep a spoiler-free)

Neptune is one of the CPU of her Nation known as Planeptune. She is stubborn and lazy who refused to do her work, although she prefers to do outside work such as cutting down an enemy. Recently after getting her childhood dream, she was informed by her assist, Histoire, that Lastation is holding a contest for every CPU. It a contest of whoever became the last standing will win a brand new console called "Genesis X". The contest is held by the creator himself, Genesis Van Kiachi who owned a company called "32x Production".

After the meeting, while Neptune went shopping, she was interrupted by a couple of guards from a different district. They stated that certain someone wants to speak with her.

Later on to the story, Neptune earns new friends, rivals as well as meeting her worse enemy she ever faces...