Welcome to Fair Zone, one of the popular tourist place on face of Hyperdimension. Every summer, Fairchild District are open for everyone who want to escape reality and enter their fantasy! Our most popular city, Fair City has collection of tourist spot such as the beach, the tower and the white house where you can meet the governor, Furui F. Fairchild, one of the most iconic person on Fair Zone. In the city, people call it "Heaven" because it the heaven for everyone.

But outside of that is where danger a rise. They call it "Jigoku" (Hell in Japanese), an endless wasteland with no law to place it on. Every day and night, punks from across the world are making trouble and it up to you to make it choice, but they not brother coming to Heaven as it is heavily guarded by one of our finest guards.

Oh and don't even thinking about going to Red Zone and beyond that, unless you stupid or have balls enough to do so.



It follows the main character name Neptune who is the leader of her nation called: Planeptune. The citizen called their leader known as the CPU who is a goddess that ruled their nation. There is 4 Nation in Island called Gamindurstri. Each CPU are rivals to each other which led to the yearly fight of who the best, they called it "Console War". Whoever won will gain share, in this case: popularity. If the CPU loses popularity, they will die.

In this Novel, Neptune is followed under an investigation in an area called Fair Island after getting hired by her father who runs as a Governer in this Island.