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Head up: This Project haven't been worked on for quite while. Recently I haven't got the movition to continue this project so it currently in hold until farther notice.

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The Lone zone known as Gamindustri is populated with gamer around the island, so much it have been divided into four nation: Planeptune, Lastation, Leanbox and Lowee.

Each of them have their own leader, refer as Console Patron Unit (a.k.a CPU) whom control their own nation and keeping it safe from danger. Under all nation are the 4 CPU: Noire (Black Heart), Vert (Green Heart), Blanc (White Heart) and Neptune (Purple Heart). Together, they all fight against the evil organization that are pose to the threat to Gamindustri and are willing to protect the nation at all cost.

However, Neptune, an CPU of her Nation Planeptune, have an unfinished business she need to knock it off before it will be more then just a personal mission for her

Follow Neptune in her newest adventure as she go in the vast dystopia wasteland to fight againist the evil greedy person that goes by the named "Genesis Van Kiachi" who about to change Hyperdimension as whole!

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