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This can teach you how to make Super Mario 64 Blooper if you using Linux

My own Switch page, mainly for testing on SwitchBru which there is tip on how to get in it


This site exist for listing active site on Neocities. I try to add more as possbile! Just hit me a email if you like to make appear there!

xtreme search engine logo-ads

X-Treme Engine is a Search Engine with all 3 engine: DuckDuckGo, Google and Sitelevel.


I have no idea why this exist. Someone from 2050 have decide to go back in 2019 and throw it away, but then I found it in the dumb and brought it back to life. Now I regrat my choice

An Work in Progress Website, focus on learning the basic coding for newcomers with my Original Characters, Wolfy, to teach you!