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This is where you can find all my current Character I have. I often make drawing of them every once in while (bit mix of Insert and original artwork). They all have infomation you need to know of as well as backgrounds story you can read to understand them.


Character: Otis Muniger

July 15, 2021

Do people even read the newspaper anymore?


Age: 23

Height: 5ft 6in (mostly by her w i d e belly)

Brand: MTF Jacket (Newgrounds Angry Faic Excusive), LOSSER Underwear, ZFFO Choker

Weapon: Gernic Pistol

WARNING: Sometime a Prevert // There an rumor recently that she been working with a Government but this has yet comfimed.

Nothing can beat the definition of being pervert without mentioning Otis, a 23 years old Golden Retriever, raised in the undergrounds of Scotland. Even though she is perverted women around the size of a midget, she also builds an invention on weapons goods and gadgets. Her rocket boot (Known as OT-R) is a prime example of her works as well as her pistols that can switch between BB and actual bullets (nothing special). We have no idea what Otis's background is since there been a lot of different stories about her.



Age: 21

Height: 5ft 9in

Brand: MTF Red Jacket, LOSSER Underwear, Death March Gas Mask

Weapon: Dualies


With 2 documents of the FBI and NSA, Katila Pes Coda (also goes by Coola Killa or 2c4k on 5Chan) used to be known for winning many Turf War, Inkopolis's most famous sport. Even though her popularity was skyrocketing, she was rarely found in the Plaza. A rumor from the Dead Zone Website has stated she was kicked out of Inkopolis "for intense violent behavior" (This is unknown due to lack of proof.). After that, she currently living in Dead Zone, USA/California. Her appearance is still unknown, though she could be roaming around Blue Light City. Some say that she might have a relationship with Otis.