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This is where you can find all my current Character I have. I often make drawing of them every once in while (bit mix of Insert and original artwork). They all have infomation you need to know of as well as backgrounds story you can read to understand them.



Character: Otis Muniger // Kacool

Mar 20, 2021

Forgive me for I have sinned. Also, it is Lotion, I swear. It just those bootleg lotions that don't do what it meant to do.
Also, in Spring, go outside and have a good day.



Age: UNKNOWN (Maybe 160)

Height: 5ft 10inch

Style: Orange Treach coat, Black shirt (sometime have design on it)

Weapon: Mini Uzi style pistols (A.K.A Ziu Type R .45); carry 24 bullets per mag with 3-shot each. Most of the time though, He carry just an normal Pistol.

Shock is a rather odd fellow who has little information on who he is. He part of species known as “Oo-Woo-Wo”, small animals whose main goal is to cheer people up in a time of crisis in Planet Earth. The shock, on the other hand, is a tall boy who's a Peacemaker but also carries a gun, for what reason? We don’t know but we have some info about him. He silenced with no spoken word (unlike any Oo-Woo-Wo) but he fast and reliable. He explorer but also risk-taker. With bounty worth of $250 Million on his hand, the entire society dear their life to forever hunt him but unlike any other bounty hunter, Shock has a mission but we don’t know what his mission is.




Age: 23

Height: 5ft 6in (mostly by her w i d e belly)

Style: Yellow Jacket with no bra (wut?) and Black Panty. That seriously all we know

Weapon: Gernic Pistol

WARNING: Sometime a Prevert // There an rumor recently that she been working with a Government but this has yet comfimed.

Nothing can beat the definition of being pervert without mentioning Otis, a 23 years old Golden Retriever, raised in the undergrounds of Scotland. Even though she is perverted women around the size of a midget, she also builds an invention on weapons goods and gadgets. Her rocket boot (Known as OT-R) is a prime example of her works as well as her pistols that can switch between BB and actual bullets (nothing special). It appears that she always likes to hang around with Shock. We have no idea what Otis's background is since there been a lot of different stories about her.




Age: 23

Height: 5ft 6in

Style: uh... Leather Binkini Suit with Switzerland Logo (Who the hell wear that?), Thigh Stocking and pink boot. Often wear pink jackets. Wear "Deviant" Brand.

Weapon: Chainsaw (A.K.A Ka-Chain) and Pistol.

WARNING: Often very Pissy

Kacool is 23 years old Raccoon who was raised in a shitty country known as “Babylon” where raccoons are treated unequally by the government. Born in Switzerland with a mix of the German language and British English (her dad is German while her mother is British), she later moves to her mother after her father was assassinated by a hidden organization known as Hidden Eye. They go to the country known as Babylon (previously as Italy), the richest, “perfect” zone in Europe where she works as a nurse in Briton District (Southern City of Babylon) since she was 18 but got fired for being “too clumsy”. As she fights for her right, she discovers a rebellion group known as T.R.A (Team Raccoon Authorization) whose mission is to tear down the Babylon government and invent a new one under Raccoon control.




Age: 24

Height: 5ft 6in

Style: Blue Jacket and white panty. Most of the time, n o n e

Weapon: UNKNOWN (Claim to never used any weapon)

WARNING: Anti-Censorship

A very lovable shark who is proud of her body too much that she prefers not to wear clothes at all, although she does have a pear in case she goes to the city. Born and raised in the Atlantic Ocean, she roams around the planet to go somewhere new but when the entire planet starts to hunt innocent shark and making a profit and censored anyone who dares to speak up against, Shaka, a 24-year-old Shark, will stand up against these corporate businesses and end their sketchy practice. Even though she tends to hang around with Shock every once in a while, she always bugs Kacool when she is around.