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This entire site was created just for fun of it, but at the same time it was also me being sick and tired of going to platform to platform, that is the reason of the creation of 38Caution Zone in nutshell. But I haven't really explain of who am I and how I been right now.

First off and most obviously, yes I am an Fanart for most part, yes I am also the master of not keeping up my work or my schedule because hey, it an hobby-ish and yes, I am also SMG4 fan as well as former Neptunia fan if you been around for so long (which most of you don't). I started out back in November 5, 2016 on, now an god awful site, Deviantart when I want to start out digital artwork stuff as I always like to make artwork. Look where we are now. Having my own website back then was something I couldn't do and since I learned most of basic HTML and CSS stuff and discovered the best host, Neocities, I managed to pull it off and man, it was worth it.

Secondly, no I actually not an Edgelord, just ironically pretend to be one on this internet world so don't judge me based on that or this site design (though I do like the Edgy atmosphere of it). I am actually an decent person, if you treat me decently that is. Of course, like some Neocities users, I often detest on major company doing such as paywall or dumb desision they make that no one really ask. Small business/independent user on other hand is something I always look forward to. I also don't bite (unless you public enemy or something like that).

I also wanna to thank you for visiting my website, this website is something I looking forward to in future where I don't have to 100% relay on major social media due to their awful privacy policy that every company is doing nowsday. It give me fresh air and more freedom to do so. Donation is very helpful but in all honestly, the choice is up to you. You, an Anonymous, looking at this page make me feel more proud then anything else.

Also for those who want to know what type of Artist I am, it simple. I am just an artist, though in term of SFW and NSFW/NSFL, I bit of mix in there, but I don't care what you call me as long you stated I am artist in end.

~AKA-38CAUTION, 2020

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